“The band still have the magic touch. Today’s Song of the Day, “Waiting for the Sun,” a tightly-packed nugget of jangle pop joy, starts the album on sure footing. Warm and instantly familiar, it’s the kind of tune you want to tuck in your pocket and save for later. The sound of a Rickenbacker 12-string guitar shimmers like light dancing across water, while the insistent smack of the snare drum gives the song just the slightest edge of urgency. If music could clear the sky, this song would do it. “Waiting for the Sun” is pure light.” – KEXP

“James Hall, everyone’s favorite jangle-rocker of the last 10 years, returns with his sixth album. The latest is 14 new tracks of what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Hall, which means no syrupy ballads, no weird electronic flourishes and no spoken-word interludes. Just guitars, guitars and more guitars.” – Absolute Powerpop

“Shimmering Byrdsian jangle guitar pop…the perfect antidote for the fall chill. A successful and memorable LP that is highly recommended ” – Powerpopaholic

“A sonic treat, all shimmery guitars and hooky reverb-drenched vocals.  I couldn’t help recalling all those great Mighty Lemondrops records, just for the sheer joy captured here.” Pop Rock Record

“The jangly Rickenbacker, the strong backbeat, the discreet bit of fuzz, the Everlyesque harmonies made me happy. It is a sound that is deeply recognizable, and thoroughly familiar, but at the same time original. Hall is in fine form.  The songs ring like bells, and the reverb-soaked harmonies soar, underneath powerful rhythm beds. And there is so much here to listen to. For a child of the 80’s the musical references come so fast and furious it’s hard to keep up.” – Sound Journalism

Hook-filled jangle rock. 80s-flavored alternative with the hooks of Big Star and the jangle of The Feelies.” RCRDList






Includes the original, highly acclaimed twelve song album, fully remastered, plus SEVENTEEN bonus tracks

An additional eight songs recorded during the same sessions

Nine previously unreleased demos, recorded in 2005.

“The year has just begun, and already the first knockout by an unknown band from out of left field has arrived.” – the Daily Breeze

“A very impressive debut. . . when pop songcraft was less “American Idol” and more “Paperback Writer.” – the Rock and Roll Report

“a remarkably well-crafted set of jangly power pop packed with rich harmonies and indelible hooks reminiscent of Hoodoo Gurus, the La’s and other pop greats.” -KEXP 90.3 FM


Sunset Tavern, Seattle, December 17 with Six Killer and the Pop Cycle.  8pm, $8, 21+ tickets

about THE BAND

SSA! founder James Hall

“Shake Some Action! make sun-kissed Rickenbacker-rock that continues the tradition of the great power pop forbearers like the Kinks and Big Star, along with the jangle pop pioneers of the ‘80s like R.E.M. and the Feelies. The exclamation point amended to the name bears weight as well – their sound takes their influences’ jangly past and brings it into a caffeinated now, with high energy records and performances.” Jingle Punks Magazine

“Armed with two Rickenbacker guitars and endless harmonies, the group is a bunch of unabashed pop classicists, bringing to mind not just ’70s power-pop but the heyday of jangle-pop in the ’80s, from the REM ringing of the guitars to the Robyn Hitchcock edge delivery from singer/songwriter James Hall. Guitars and harmonies like this always sound so good” – Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

“This Seattle band does what other great bands have done, getting better on the follow-up. . . .this record has even more catchy hooks and phenomenal guitar work. Know this band. Listen to this band.” – John Richards, Seattle Sound/KEXP

“They sound completely new and unheard, yet all the while familiar… as if they must exist as 60’s classics in some alternate universe.” Cincinnati Music Examiner

“A definite contender for best album in 2013.” Powerpopaholic

“One of the best power pop records released in the past couple of years. This is a jangle pop record par excellence.” – Tales From The Dropbox

“Catch The Sun, the band’s fifth album, incorporates more toward hazy kaleidoscopic pop tones akin to those that Kevin Parker has so effectively mined with Tame Impala and Melody’s Echo Chamber. When Hall’s voice wavers over a jangly guitar line during the verses “Wait for the Summer”, he crafts a tone that splits the difference between psychedelic bliss and ’60s surf melodies.” – KEXP Seattle

“Shake Some Action! is a musical project that’s largely informed by the jingle-jangle power-pop of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. But where Hall’s other like-minded Seattle contemporaries rarely veer beyond the first three albums recorded by Big Star (cough, cough, The Posies, cough, cough), he gets more adventurous. Dig into the prolific man’s recordings and you’ll hear trace elements of more paisley underground sounding legends like The Rain Parade and The Three O’Clock. Hone in on Hall’s singing style and you’ll detect an anglophile approach that’s mined from early ‘90s EPs by The La’s and The Stone Roses.” – Michelle Solomon, Pandora





5.0 out of 5 starsBlinding!  So there I am in the middle of a shop looking for something for secret santa when this song comes on over the PA- within a minute I’ve forgotten what I’m shopping for and my toes are tapping away. I’m instantly hooked- unfortunately the skivvy behind the counter doesn’t know what the track is-bummer! I type what sounds like the chorus line into google and within minutes I hit on this album. This is classic “pop-rock” at its very best- beautifully crafted harmonies- raunchy guitar hooks- nothing too deep- just brilliant guitar songs that get into your head and stay there. The sound isn’t too processed and has an underlying garage feel too it giving a roughness that adds to the attraction. It’s all in here- the La’s, Oasis before they got too big for their boots, Stone Roses, Beatles, Small Faces, 1960’s/ 70’s and some of the great “Madchester” tracks of the 1990’s. It’s like the first time you listened to the Stone Roses album- music to really get excited about. I’ve been playing it to people I know since I picked it up a week ago and everyone seems to like it. I guess music is a personal thing and this won’t be for everyone, but if you like catchy guitar music with fantastic vocals/ harmonies that really picks you up and makes you fly, this has to be it! It’s the best Album I’ve heard in over a decade- their other albums are just as good too! – Amazon UK reviewer of Shake Some Action!

5.0 out of 5 stars Rickenbacker Love Some of the best jangly, melodic pop you’ll hear all year. SSA do it right…with strong melodic hooks, and that Rickenbacker jangle blasting from the speakers!! – Amazon US reviewer of Full Fathom Five

5.0 out of 5 stars Rickenbacker jangle heaven This album is a MUST HAVE for every power pop/ Rickenbacker drenched jangle pop fan; listen to the soundbites, then buy it!! This 4th studio album by Seattle’s Shake Some Action! has echoes of 1964-65 era Byrds & Beatles (esp. tracks 5 & 12 reminiscent of Love me Do, Ticket to Ride) mixed w/Spongetones, Teenage Fanclub, Hoodoo Gurus & Flamin’ Groovies (from their Shake Some Action period – where this band took their name). The melodic hooks & vocal harmonies are fabulous. Recorded & produced by the band’s own native Australian James Hall, he supposedly recorded 20 song ideas the day he first plugged in his Rickenbacker, & spent the next year working on them; here are the 14 best surviving songs (42 minutes of jangle bliss!). My favorite album of 2013. – Amazon US reviewer of Full Fathom Five

4.0 out of 5 stars Thanks to “Californication” I first caught a snippet of “I Can See Where This Is Going Now” while I was watching a scene of “Californication.” Hank was pulling around the corner in his Porsche (with the obligatory smashed right headlight) and parking in front of his apartment as the tune was playing. Just hearing the four or five seconds of the song was enough to make me want to investigate it further. I found the source somewhere on the internet (doesn’t matter where). There was just something about the music – the jangly guitars and upbeat rhythms – it hit on all the right cylinders for me. Since purchasing the CD and listening to the entirety of it a dozen times or so, it has not worn out its welcome. – Amazon US reviewer of Shake Some Action!


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