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"Shake Some Action! is a band from Seattle, steeped in the influences of classic pop from the '60s through the '90s."


New album - Catch The Sun

The band's 5th album, Catch The Sun, is now available!


Here's a selection of the first reviews:

"One of the best power pop records released in the past couple of years. This is a jangle pop record par excellence." - Tales From The Dropbox

"Another collection of top-drawer jangle-pop. Colors Exploding is just as groovy as its title implies, Wait for the Summer is the kind of 60s/70s power pop that Hall does best, and Moonlight Mind jangles so hard it would make Roger McGuinn jealous."  - Absolute Powerpop

"The album of the summer has already arrived" - Done With Aplomb

"Seattle’s Shake Some Action will release its fifth, and arguably best, album, Catch the Sun, at the beginning of March. We predict you will be blown away by these great songs." - Pure Pop Radio

"Catch The Sun, the band’s fifth album, incorporates more toward hazy kaleidoscopic pop tones akin to those that Kevin Parker has so effectively mined with Tame Impala and Melody's Echo Chamber. When Hall’s voice wavers over a jangly guitar line during the verses “Wait for the Summer”, he crafts a tone that splits the difference between psychedelic bliss and ’60s surf melodies." - KEXP Seattle

"Like a really cool vintage suit, their jangly guitar sound’s got an old familiarity without being retro to a fault. Catch the Sun is the perfect album for jumping in a convertible, cruisin’ down the highway, and forgetting all your troubles." - The Owl Mag

"James Hall found a real groove with his last album Full Fathom Five, so this follow up isn’t far behind. Colors Exploding is another gem that evokes a sunny trip, and Wait For The Summer flows right into your head as perfect modern beach music, complete with surfer beat. There is no filler here and this album is sure to please fans of Oasis, The Hoodoo Gurus, and The Grip Weeds. Highly Recommended." Powerpopaholic

"Another brilliant winner!" - Kool Kat Musik

"Classic jangling guitar pop to chase away the winter blues" - When You Motor Away




Full Fathom Five - 2013's acclaimed album

“a definite contender for best album in 2013." Powerpopaholic

"may well end up being the power pop album of the year." When You Motor Away

"a potent set of ‘60s-inspired power pop with jangly Rickenbacker guitar, rich harmonies and bright melodic hooks." KEXP 90.3 FM

"the songs sound completely new and unheard, yet all the while familiar... as if they must exist as 60's classics in some alternate universe." Cincinnati Music Examiner

"takes cues from the timeless jangle of R.E.M. and the Kinks. Professional, unabashed pop-rock classicism." - Seattle Weekly

"Uncompromising 1960s power pop to the dome on this 5th LP by retro-fied Seattle rock outfit. If you dig shimmering jangly guitars that ring out over power pop hooks and warm choruses, this is your record. " Editor's Mix




Deluxe Reissues

Check out the new deluxe reissues of our first four albums, available exclusively from Bandcamp.


Shake Some Action! now includes an additional 8 tracks, all recorded in the sessions for that album in 2006.



Sunny Days Ahead now includes an additional 7 songs recorded during those sessions in late 2007.



Fire And Ice now boasts an additional three songs recorded during the 2009 sessions and has also been re-sequenced.



Live At The Crocodile now includes an additional four songs plus an interview recorded live in studio at KEXP Seattle in March 2007. The album download also includes video footage of the full KEXP performance.































































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